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California State Polytechnic University
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Technology.



March 1988 to Present

Test Engineer for Fenestration Testing Laboratory (FTL)

Research and test new and developing materials such as flashing and building paper for the industry.

Researched vinyl and aluminum window installation into stucco wall construction.

Advise Manufacturers and Designers of various test requirements and parameters that need to be met.

Consultant to Owners, Architects, Builders and Lawyers.

Third Party Witness on various tests.

In charge of all certification tests performed for AAMA, CAWM, NWWDA, and NFRC organizations.

Have tested over 3,000 windows/doors of aluminum, vinyl, wood, and composite materials for air infiltration, water resistance, structural wind loads, forced entry, and heat transfer.

Speaker at the CAWM symposium in San Francisco, CA. in 1996, and in Irvine, CA. in 1997 regarding field conditions and testing of fenestration products.

Speaker at the Building Industry Show in Long Beach , CA. in 1997, regarding how to test fenestration products and wall systems and how to identify the leaks.

Speaker at the California Building Industry Association in Irvine, CA. in 1997, regarding how to prevent water leaks.

Speaker at KGA's Construction Claims Education Conference for legal and insurance professionals in Costa Mesa, CA. in 1997, regarding how to install fenestration products in to the various types of wall construction.


September 1986 TO March 1988

Manager in responsible and direct charge of Window, Door, Structural and Field Testing for Construction Consulting Laboratory, Inc. (CCL)

Responsible for representing the laboratory in all relationships with manufacturers, city, county, and state officials.

Responsible for scheduling all tests and following them to their completion using a Quality Control administration plan.

Responsible for classroom training and on the job training. Classroom training consisted of solving real problems encountered at various stages of Testing, Calibration procedures and Quality Control procedures.

Responsible for seeing that all paperwork passed through the proper channels from raw data to final report to closed file.


May 1984 To July 1985

Inspector, Window and Door Department and Field Services for Inspection and Research Laboratory, Inc. (IRL)

Responsible for scheduling, testing and reporting all window and door tests performed by IRL, in-house and in-field, reviewing testing methods and past results to determine compliance with various city, state and national codes.

Responsible for the designing and implementation of Quality Control procedures at all manufacturing facilities for compliance to various certification minimum requirements.

Responsible for Manufacturers' compliance to the Architectural Aluminum Manufacturers Association sponsored certification program.

Responsible for Manufacturers' compliance to the Sealed Insulated Glass Manufacturers Association sponsored certification program as required by Associated Laboratories, Incorporated. The work consists of performing semi- annual unannounced, third party quality assurance inspection at the manufacturer's facility. Inspections consist of inspecting fabricated parts for conformance to approved drawings and procedures, and inspecting assembled products to insure conformance to the various certification minimum requirements.


July 1985 To September 1986

Inspector II, County of San Bernardino, Department of Weights and Measures

Received the following six (6) registered certificates with the State of California Department of Measurement Standards:

1. Weighing Devices;
2. Measuring Devices;
3. Weighmaster & Petroleum Products;
4. Electrical Measuring;
5. Compressed Gases;
6. Quality Control of Packaged Commodities;

As an Inspector II, the following duties were performed:

O Inspect test and seal commercial weighing and measuring instruments such as scales of public weighmasters, gasoline and oil dispensing apparatus and tanks, and petroleum products.

O Weigh and measure contents of packaged goods to determine correct weight on labels.

O Check weighmaster's licenses and records of weight certificates.

O Maintain records and written reports of inspections and tests made. Document evidence for possible prosecution and testify in court on evidence gathered if necessary.

O Present and explain regulations to businesses, issue notices violations on equipment not conforming to standards.


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