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The Solender Group Inc., waterproofing experts specialize in the testing of fenestration products of all materials - aluminum, vinyl, wood, steel, fiberglass, and composites thereof - and configuration types - windows, doors, skylights, storefronts, curtainwalls, panels, and concrete waterproofing - for the industry as a whole through such tests as field testing, CAD programs, thermal programs and computer simulation to name a few.

Field Testing:

In this arena, our construction defect expert conducts testing in the field on single or multiple family structures, commercial structures, and high rise structures for air infiltration, pressure differential, waterproofing, and high wind resistance. The tests are usually conduct immediately after a small percentage of the fenestration products have been installed to check for compliance to the governing specification prior to installing all the products and to check for problems that may arise as the result of the installation and performance of the products. Problems that are encountered in the testing are corrected and are made part of a punch list of items to be performed on the rest of the products as they are installed.

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Our construction defect experts are also retained to investigate and analyze the performance of fenestration products in the field as a function of their installation and interfacing with the surrounding wall construction. It is in this area that we excel since we draw on our personal wealth of experience of having to install every product that comes to our laboratory for testing. Our job in the laboratory is to install the products as near perfectly as possible, that means no out of level, plumb, or square, and no twists or bows. We have to install the products near perfectly to rate the different manufacturers' products on the merits of their design without being influenced with variables. We, through thousands of tests, have developed a bank of information that allows us to know what amount of tolerance out of a near perfect installation condition will affect the products to any significant degree in the field.


Computer Simulations:

Our waterproofing experts and window experts take the CAD drawings of a newly designed fenestration product and model the heat transfer characteristics and evaluate its U-value, shading and heat gain properties, visible transmittance, and other pertinent data to comply with the title 24 energy requirements as per the NFRC standards.


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Additionally, our defect experts physically test in a thermal chamber the production line fenestration products for the actual U-value and condensation resistance numbers as per the NFRC, AAMA, ASTM, and other specifications.


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Here fenestration products are tested for air infiltration, water resistance, high wind load resistance, forced entry resistance, and other components tests. The tests are conducted on fenestration products that are proto-type designs, or production floor samples and are usually conducted for the purpose rating the product for certification with a program such as AAMA, CAWM, NWWDA, and NFRC or for the purpose of meeting the special specifications of an architect or builder.

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