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Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering Experts

Our structural engineering expert witness is a structural engineering consulting firm owned and operated by registered structural engineers with specialized training and extensive experience in seismic design. The principals of the firm have been practicing structural engineering since 1961 and are supported by a full complement of engineering, technical drafting and field personnel.

The professional competence and stability of the firm's key personnel has led to the successful fulfillment of it's client's expert witness testimony and support needs, resulting in a close working relationship with attorneys, architects, developers, owners and contractors.

Principals of the firm draw from over 42 years of combined expert experience of various types of structures. The majority of these design projects are located in high seismic areas and as a consequence, the principals of the firm have developed specialized expertise in seismic analysis and design of the various structures.

The Solender Group, Inc, experts have in-house computer capabilities, for performing structural engineering analysis, design and CAD system documentation, which greatly enhances their ability to provide timely and efficient economic design.

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