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The role of the acoustical expert witness in construction litigation cases for single and/or multi-family dwellings are to investigate a number of issues, which are commonly alleged by the home owner and/or home owner's association and their counsels. Typically, these issues include:

1. Noise from the plumbing system;
2. Noise from the HVAC system;
3. Airborne noise via party walls;
4. Airborne noise via floor ceiling assemblies;
5. Structure borne noise via floor ceiling assemblies;
These issues are not readily covered by the architectural, plumbing, or mechanical experts retained on construction litigation cases, who may lack a comprehensive understanding of the physical principals involved, the relevant codes or standards of care and the most practical solutions, for such issues.

Our acoustical experts are well qualified to provide expert testimony in the field of acoustics. Our acoustical expert witness team members have degrees in Acoustics from the world-renowned Institute of Sound and Vibration Research at the University of Southampton in England. To supplement this educational qualification, both of our acoustical experts have at least ten years design experience, on a wide variety of projects in Europe, Asia and the United States.

We are team players and have the communication skills necessary to deal with other experts, construction staff and legal counsel. Our office is well supported to enable our principals to perform acoustical tests and to use computerized analysis and data reduction.

We provide practical, responsive and service-oriented consulting. We are currently working on legal cases in both California and Nevada and have previously provided witness expert testimony in England. We appreciate that our involvement is more than just acoustical testing, we understand the necessity of full integration with the client's litigation team.

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