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If you have a problem with your home and or condo/townhouse project please fill out this simple questionnaire and we will contact you to discuss how best to handle the problem. 


Home Owner Information


Home owners name:


Residence address:


Mailing address if different:






Telephone:(hm)  (wk)


Email address:




Is your home a house, condo, townhome:

Sq. Ft. Home/condo/townhome

Number of units complex

Purchase date of your home:

Are you renting your home:

Yes   No


When Was Your Home/Condo/Townhome Built:



Please Briefly Describe The Problems You Are Encountering
With Your Home

Yes                    No

1.  Have you repaired any construction problems in your residence? 


2.  Has the home owner’s association done any repairs on your home? 


3.  If repairs have been done, did it fix the problem?


4.  Do you have roof leaks?


5.  Have you had roof leaks in the past?


6.  Do you have damp ceiling?


7.  Do you have stained ceiling?


8.  Do you have mold on your ceiling? 


9.  Discoloration of roof or eaves?


10. Do you have problems with gutters and or downspouts? 


11. Are there any stains or leaks that you know of, below a balcony, deck or window?         


          If yes, explain:


12.     Do you have standing water, , i.e. ponding, on your
balcony / deck after you wash it, or after it rains?


13.     Does water on your deck / balcony not drain properly? 


14.     Is the surface of your balcony / deck separating, splitting, coming up or damaged in any way?                                                                                                              


15.     Do any of your windows leak?


16.     Have your windows leaked in the past?


          If yes, explain:


17.     If yes, were they fixed?


          If yes, explain:


18.     Are your window-sills stained?   


19.     Do you have mildew or mold around or near your windows? 


20.     Do you have cracks in your drywall or stucco? 


          If yes, where?


21.     Do you have cracks in any of your ceilings?                                                                   


          If yes, where?


22.     Do any of your walls have mold or mildew on them?


          If yes, how many and where?


23.     Does any part of your house sometimes smell of must or mildew?


          If yes, where?


24.     Are any of your walls damp or discolored (water stains)? 


          If yes, where?


25.     Are any of your carpets sometimes wet or have an odor?


          If yes, where?


26. If yes, does anyone residing in your home have respiratory problems or been ill more than normal since moving into your home?                                                        


          If yes, describe:


27.     If you have children, have they been out of school more than normal since moving into your home, especially as a result of respiratory ailments?                           


28.     Is your paint peeling anywhere in the interior of your home?


29.     Do you have any cracks in walls over doorways?


30.     Do you think that your air-conditioning system is adequately cooling your home?  


31.     Do you think that your heating system is adequately heating your home?


32.     Do you now have plumbing problems?     


33.     Have any of your pipes or pipe joints failed in your home,
e.g., breaking pipes or inordinate amount of leaking?


34.     Do you hear knocking or vibrations, from your plumbing?          


35.     Have you had property damage or loss from plumbing leaks?


36.     Have you ever had any electrical problems in your home? 


          If yes, describe:


37.     Have any of your outlets failed to work?


38.     Have you ever had the loss of electrical power due to the circuit
breaker tripping at the electrical panel?


39.     When the air-conditioning, refrigerator or dishwasher start working, do any of
lights dim for an instant?                        


40.     Do you have any other electrical problems?


          If yes, explain:


41.     Do you have any cracks in your stucco?  


          If yes, give location


42.     Is any of your stucco uneven in color?


43.     Are there stucco cracks around any of your windows?


44.     Are there stucco cracks around any of your door frames?


45.     If a condo/townhouse, have you noticed any problems with common areas


          If yes, where?


46.     Are there roots buckling concrete flatwork?


          If yes, where?


47.     Have you noticed any problems with any concrete and or retaining walls?


          If yes, where?


48.     Are you aware of any cracks or movement of curbs on or near your home or unit? 


          If yes, where?


49.     Are you aware of any cracks or movement of curbs in your complex?


          If yes, where?


50.     Have you seen cracks in exterior foundations?


51.     Do you have cracks in your garage ceiling? 


52.     Have you noticed areas, where there are tripping hazards?


53.     Do you know of any ponding or pooling of water on or around your property?


54.     Do you have any other miscellaneous constructions problems not mentions above, describe:

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