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Our Plumbing expert witnesses have knowledge in three disciplines; Mechanical engineering, Plumbing engineering, and Electrical engineering. They have designed, supervised the installation of and commissioned many different systems for over thirty five years. Knowledge from the three disciplines enables our plumbing expert witness team to view building problems from a wider point of view rather than from that of an expert having just one discipline. Instead of paying and using three different experts witnesses in mechanical, plumbing, and electrical, it is of course, generally more cost effective to use one expert witness. The combined experience of our team as expert witness exceeds over two hundred cases. Representing both sides of the bar has given our experts a unique understanding of the requirements needed to appropriately apply the best solutions to the cause at hand.

Our plumbing expert witness heads a highly experienced specialty team covering all aspects of the building profession and has also enabled the Solender Group Inc., to utilize other members of the team's combined knowledge since all of the other disciplines interact and influence the Mechanical, Plumbing, and Electrical resolutions of the case.

Handling cases involving single built homes, large condo projects to large commercial complexes has provided our experts with the understanding and experience required for all the distinctive provisions of each type of case.

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Finally, our plumbing engineering expert witness has the appropriate help of an excellent and also thoroughly experienced support team which reduces investigative costs on larger projects where multi disciplines are required. All of the information gathered is utilized in a state of the art data base which allows the industry most unique and accurate extrapolations, which are is vital to employing counsel.

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