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Architectural Expert Witness

Attorneys who litigate construction defects cases and require the services of an architect should use one with a comprehensive knowledge of building codes, forensics, and architectural design.

This architect must be highly proficient at destructive testing, case materials evaluation, report writing, and providing testimony. Other requisite personality traits include confidence, strategic mind set, and a team player.

The Solender Group Inc., architectural expert witness embodies all of these qualities, as well as being a hands-on professional with an active architectural practice. His practice provides the support staff to create graphic exhibits and architectural remediation documentation with their advanced system of CAD (computer aided design).

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Many attorneys have discovered that the skills of our witness expert and his firm's talents resulting in his participation in an array of complex construction defects cases. Over the past eight years these cases have demanded the appropriate results on numerous depositions, reports and court testimony. When asked what he attributes his success as an expert witness to, our expert stated, "because I constantly have projects under construction, I am able to focus on the practical realities of each new case." This perspective inevitably leads to a successfully achieved case conclusion whether he functions as a plaintiff or defense expert witness.


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