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About the Solender Group - The CONSTRUCTION DEFECT EXPERTS

In the construction field there are many experts, but none that have the pragmatic experience extended by the experts at the Solender Group Inc. Our practical experience covers the entire construction gamut from building hundreds of residential, commercial and industrial projects, both as a general contractor for others, as well as in the past being one of the top ten developers in California.

These developments encompassed diverse projects such as residential condominiums, custom homes, tract homes, low and high rise office buildings, apartments and industrial buildings. Most of these developments involved every aspect from the initial purchase of the land on through the actual construction and sale of the completed project following notice of completion.

Coupled with highest academic credentials and the huge amount of forensic experience involving over five hundred cases and many thousands of hours working closely with attorneys, our expert team offers the unique circumstance of exteme practicality of having worked in all phases of the construction industry. Our principals have testified in over twenty-seven cases and have been deposed over a hundred times.

We are approved by all insurance carriers and have also worked as neutral experts representing both plaintiff and defendant. We handle both plaintiff and defense cases in the Western United States with many of our larger cases occurring in Nevada and California. Our specialty in these genres includes developing innovative methods of countering our opponents claims either by diminishing or increasing their fiscal impact, as is appropriate.

Our principals are regular front-page contributor of informative articles on the subject of constuction defects for such periodicals as the Los Angeles and San Franscio Daily Journal, the Utah State Bar Journal as well as occasional articles in the Insurance Advocate. Being able to see all sides of every construction issue is a most important attribute, but the ability to communicate information in a clear and cogent fashion to one's counsel is indispensable and is one The Solender Group Inc. has mastered.

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